NA, M&C 7/28/1863

The Confederate States
To Mem. & Chas. R. R. Co.
Date Dollars Cents
1863 For amount of Bills Feb. March, & April 1863 Repairing Road on South side of Tenn. River, Building Fox Mallard Big ?ance & Town Creek Trestles & Alterations of Grade of Road Bed on both sides Tenn. River getting over Engines & Cars &c, &c. $4,441 77
   I certify, on honor, that the above account is correct and just, that the services were rendered as stated, and that they were necessary for the public good.
M. B. McMicken Major Quartermaster
   Received Chattanooga Tenn July 28 1863, of Maj M. B. McMicken Quartermaster Forty four hundred & forty one dollars and Seventy seven cents, in full of the above account.
Sam Tate Prest