NA, M&C 4/15/1862

Corinth Apl 15th 1862
Thos Jordan Esq
Ast A Genl
Dr Sir,
   I enclose you herewith copy of my letter of instructions to Mr A. J. Hopper Supt of the East Div of the M&C RR {Memphis & Charleston RR}, given Apl 2nd 1862 not feeling satisfied to leave so important a matter to a?? alone, I called upon Mr. Geo. O. Beirne one of our largest Stockholders and most prominent Directory who resides at Huntsville and placed the whole matter in his hands and empowered him to employ a number of first rate men as scouts and couriers, one to be placed at each of the following places Paluske's. Foyettsville & Winchester. He together with Saml D. Morisson (who was placed there by Genl Johnson) agreed to attend to this duty & Keep the Supt as well as myself fully advised of any movement of the enemy approaching our road up to the time of the entrance of the federal army into Huntsville. I heard not a word of their approach from these gentlemen, and rested satisfied they were not yet moving. I saw Genl Maxey who was at Huntsville on Thursday at 6 P. M. with 3 Regts of men. He said he talked with a number of prominent citizens there, and heard no information of the approach of the federal army, but was told they were marching rapidly towards the Tennessee River in neighborhood of Savannah. Notwithstanding all this in less than 10 hours they occupied the town in force. We have no positive means of knowing how many engines or cars we lost but we are short 15 engines but have some east of Huntsville which have not been captured, but how many I cannot tell. Capt Rof report of his actions is also enclosed. Why was my instructions been not carried out we have no means at moment of ascertaining, but I cannot help believing we have been fouly dealt with from what direction I cant yet tell, but will try and ascertain & report.
Very Respectfully
Sam Tate