NA, M&C 3/1/1862

Memphis & Charleston Rail Road Office
Memphis, Mch 1st 1862
Genl A. S. Johnston
Commanding at
   I now have three trains of cars & 2 engines taken for military purposes to Columbus Ky. I am to day informed that Lt Col Mofey Commanding at Chattanooga has impressed seven of our cars and sent them through to Richmond, the Ordinance Dept from here just made requisitions for 55 cars to go to Columbus, Miss. We know requisitions on the main line of our Road between here & Chattanooga, Junction Stevenson & Decatur for every car we have and every engine, and I hope you will give such orders as will enable me to retain our machinery on our Road and control it. If not I will be compelled to give up the Road Such interferences as "Lt Mofie Commanding" has been quietly of I cannot stand.
Yours Truly
Sam Tate Prest