NA, MC 10/25/1862

Office of Mississippi Central Railroad Company
Holly Springs, Oct 25th 1862
Lieut Genl J. C. Pemberton C. S. A.
Dear Sir,
   Yours of the 22d of this month in reference to the transportation of army supplies and munitions of war without trans-shipment at Canton was not received until today.
   I am very willing so far as I can aid in rendering it unnecessary to trans-ship freights at Canton, if I can have any assurance that on the arrival of our cars at Jackson they shall not be taken by other roads. Of 500 cars belonging to this road one year since, I have not now 150 of our own cars upon it, not a sufficient number to meet the demands upon me for transportation.
   The Southern Road & Mobile & Ohio Road have now 160 cars of ours in their possession and many of these cars have been absent from 4 to 6 months. I have made several fruitless efforts to have them returned.
   Necessity compels me to forbid the use of our cars on other roads, until those roads adopt & the equitable rule of returning foreign cars without delay.
   If our cars can most certainly be returned from Jackson and not permitted to go on to other roads, I will most cheerfully adopt any measure to promote the public service, if it is not destructive to our interests.
   I earnestly desire the return of our cars, taken from our road by Army officers. This done I could offer greater facilities for the speedy transmission of Government freights.
   I will cheerfully aid in bringing about any desired arrangement that will not deprive us of the remaining amount of our Equipments.
With respect I am
Your obt servt
W Goodman  Prest.
{on back of document}
Hd Qr Dept Miss E Lou &c
Jackson Octor 26/62
This communication is resp referred to Maj Mims Chief Qr Masr who is desired to take the necessary measures to have the cars belonging to Miss. C. R. R. referred to within returned to their proper place. ??? necessity compels a transfer of cars to another road, they must be returned so soon s the emergency ceases. I presume the assurance asked for by Mr. Goodman Presdt MsC RR Co can be given ?????
JC Pemberton
Lt Genl Cg