NA, LS 6/24/1862

Special Requisition

June 24 One Set Turning Tools for wood work
  One Glue Kettle
  Ten pounds Glue
  Sixty gross Wood Screws assorted sizes
  Ten dozen pair Bate Hinges    "          "
  Forty Eight papers Brads        "          "
  Ten Monkey Wrenches  2 of 12 in  4 of 15 in
  Three Reams sand paper
  One (1) doz Hand Saw Files
   I certify that the above Requisition is correct, and that the articles specified are absolutely requisite for the public service, rendered so by the following circumstances: for repairing Locomotives for the Piedmont RR by order of Secretary of War will issue the articles spelled in the above Requisition.
Thos R Sharp
Asst QM Felden Capt & Assistant Quartermaster the articles specified in full of the above requisition.
Thos R Sharp
Capt. & Asst. A. Q. M.