NA, LS 5/22/1863

Received at Raleigh NC May 22, 1863 of Captn Thos. R Sharp AQM the following articles, viz
Two hundred & sixteen (216) pounds old Sheet Iron
Twenty-two (22) pounds Tank Iron
Twenty four hundred & twenty four (2424) pounds Scrap Iron
Five hundred & thirty one (531) pounds Spring Steel
One pair Blksmithy Bellows
Fifty eight (58) pounds New Washers
Five pairs Blksmthy Tongs    31 lbs
Nine pieces Cast "Steel Tools"   13 lbs
One Swedge & Tap Lever (Blksmiths Tools)   6 lbs
Fifty two pounds Wrot. Iron Nuts
F. W. Sims
Capt & A. A. G.