NA, ENG 9/30C/1863

Engineer Bureau
30 Sept. 1863
Col. C. F. M. Garnett
Commissioner for the Removal of R. R. iron &c
   The questions recently submitted by you to the Bureau have been considered, & I have conferred with the Hon. Secretary & asst. Secretary of War in regard to the difficulties suggested. Judge Campbell, Asst. Sec of War is of the opinion that in cases where the iron of a Rail road company is the object of impressment, the neinage appraisement needs not to be separate in the various counties through which the Rail-road passes. In such cases the venue or locality may be disregarded. Where the number of miles has been fixed, from which the iron is to be removed, the value of the whole amount to be taken ought to be determined by a single appraisement, regulating the terms of the transfer from the R. R. Company to the C. S. Government. 
   By the direction of the Hon. Secretary of War, letters have been addressed by the Bureau to the Hon. R. Jemison Jr. objecting to the lease of the finished portion of the N. E. & S. W. Alabama {Northeast & Southwest Alabama} R. R. to the company of the Mobile & Ohio R. R. & to Genl. Jos. E. Johnston representing the unfriendly spirit which seems to actuate the Miss. Central R. R. Co. & requesting him to take the steps necessary to save to the Confederacy by impressment or other wise, the rolling stock of that Road when unduly exposed to the public enemy.
Yours Very Respectfully
A. L. Rives
Lt. Col. & Actg. Chf. Bu.