NA, ENG 9/30B/1863

Engineer Bureau
30 Sept. 1863
Hon. R. Jevison(?) Jr.
Prest. N. E. & S. W. Alabama R. R. Co.   {President, Northeast & Southwest Alabama RR}
Tuscaloosa, Ala.
   The Bureau is informed that the Rail Road Co. of which you are President, contemplates leasing to the Mobile & Ohio R. R. Co. that portion of your Road which lies between Meridian & York.
   As it is apprehended that this arrangement would, if carried out, have the effect of seriously interfering with Government transportation, I have been directed by the Hon. Secretary of War to urge upon your Directors the following considerations. The Mobile & Ohio R. R. Co. once in possession of your road, would be tempted by its present contracts to turn aside transportation from the former districts, to its now indirect larger & more expensive, line of communication. The Alabama & Mississippi {Rivers} Rail Road forms on the contrary a natural continuation of your Road, & the union of the two, under the same administration, ensures to the Government the shortest & least expensive line of transportation. Under the circumstances the Government expresses the hope that lease will not be made to the Mobile & Ohio, but will be continue as heretofore to the Alabama & Mississippi {Rivers} Rail Road Co.
   In consideration of the liberal aid afforded by the Government in the construction of the Road in question, its wishes, as here expressed, are entitled to exercise great weight in determining the action of your company.
Very Respectfully
Yr. obt. Servant
A. L. Rives
Lt. Col. & Actg. Chf. Bu.