NA, ENG 8/7A/1863

   Endorsement on letter from William Brooks dated Marion Alabama 29 July 1863 Relative to removal of the remainder of Iron on the Cahaba Marion & Greensboro Rail Road. Engineer Bureau Aug 7th 1863. Resp. returned to the Hon Sec of War. I have conferred with Lt. Col. St. Johns on the question of removing the iron from the remainder of the Cahaba Marion & Greensboro Rail Road & appreciate the force of the views presented by Judge Brooks in the letter & by Mr. Whitsett Prest of the road as c??. Public duties have called Lt. Col. Garnett from his office & I have been unable in consequence to confer with him. It is thought possible that with full support & assistance from Gen. Jso. E. Johnston commdg the West. Dept. that the bridge over Pearl River at Jackson Miss may be rebuilt in a temporary manner & thus make it practicable to secure the rolling stock on the Mississippi Central Rail Road & portions of the Rail Road bars. If this can be done then the iron from the Road in question may be dispensed with. Until the proper inquiries & efforts shall be made. I advise a suspension of the work for removing the rails from the Cahaba Marion & Greensboro Road. I will expect all possible assistance from Mr. Whitsett & his influential friends in securing labor & material for the Pearl River Bridge. I will correspond with Gen. Johnston & ask his cooperation.  
J. F. Gilmer
Col. Engrs & Chf of Bureau