NA, ENG 8/11A/1863

Engineer Bureau
Aug 11th, 1863
Col. Chas. F. M. Garnett
Commissioner for collecting iron &c
   In consideration of the large amount of produce (tax in kind) now being collected at Marion Ala it is thought best to suspend temporarily the order for removing the iron from the "Cahaba Marion & Greensboro RR." It is hoped that the Bridge over the Pearl river at Jackson Miss. may be rebuilt in a temporary manner & thus enable you to secure the iron from the Miss. Central, also rolling stock. I have written to Gen. Jos. E. Johnston commdg. the West. Dept. on the subject asking that his engineers be employed in the reconstruction of the bridge, stating the great want of the iron & machinery for the main lines of transportation. Will you send instruction, to your agt. to take no steps at present for removing the iron from the Cahaba Marion & Greensboro Branch & to inform you if the prospect is good for the reconstruction of the bridge over Pearl river for securing the stock & iron from the Miss. Central.
Very Resply
J. F. Gilmer
Col. Engrs. & Chf Bu.