NA, ENG 7/26C/1864

   Endorsement on letter from Genl. B. Bragg to Col. Jms. B. Sale 23 July 64 urging completion of R. R. from Columbus Ga to Montgomery Ala. stating reasons.  referred by Hon Sec'y of War  24 July 64
   Eng. Bureau 26 July 1864
   Resp'y returned to the Hon Sec'y of War. The greatest difficulty in making the connection will be the want of iron. I have just ordered Lt. Col. Meriwether to proceed to Montgomery Ala to assist in repairing the Montgomery & West Point R. R. & to report upon the practicality of making the connection between Columbus & Montgomery via Union Springs. I have also ordered Capt. L. P. Grant from Atlanta to Montgomery to assist in pressing forward the work on the West Point Road.
J. F. Gilmer
Maj. Genl. &c