NA, ENG 4/14A/1864

Engineer Bureau
April 14th, 1864
Col. C. F. M. Garnett
Commissioner &c
   I respy request from you a free expression of opinion as to the possibility of procuring a sufficient supply of R. R. iron for the laying down of a double track from Augusta to Branchville {on the South Carolina RR} & for the completion of the important R. R. connection from Blue Mountain to Rome {on the Alabama & Tennessee River RR}, without diminishing too much necessary supply for indispensable lines. In the consideration of these questions, you will assume that the ordinary method of impressment, as heretofore practiced in similar cases, will be abandoned in view of the extreme military necessity of the objects to be obtained & that the iron needed will be removed from the points indicated by the commissioners under military authority & if necessity should arise by the employment of military force.
Very Respy &c &c
A. L. Rives
Col. &c &c