NA, ENG 4/11/1862

Engineer Bureau
Richmond April 11, 1862
Hon. G. W. Randolph
Secretary of War
   I respectfully forward for your consideration, the report of Capt. E. T. D. Myers of the Provisional Engineer Corps, on the extension of the Danville Rail Road & take pleasure in testifying to his zeal & intelligence in the execution of the surveys confided to him. His principal conclusions are presented on the next page in a tabular form, in which,
   The upper route designates that from Danville to Greensboro &
   The lower route        "           "      "    Burkesdale's to Haw River.
   At the first glance it appears that the lower route can be more rapidly constructed than the upper, but the difficulty of crossing Dan River at the very commencement of the former line would seem to justify Capt. Myers' conclusion that such is not the case. The fact that the upper route passes near valuable coal deposits, although not alluded to in the accompanying report, may be deemed of importance in making a final selection. Since the upper line can be built as rapidly as the lower, at a cost within the Congressional appropriation & is more valuable & secure when constructed, it is recommended for principle consideration by this Bureau. 
With great respect Your obt. servant
R. S. Rives
Acting Chief Engineer Bureau
Name of route Cubic yards - excavation Cubic yards - embankment Masonry 1st class @ $15 Masonry 2d class @ $6 Masonry 3d class @ $4 Rock Bridges 1st class @ $16 Bridges 2d class @ $8 Laborers required Horses & carts required Length of line to be constructed Distance from Richmond to Greensboro  Estimated cost Estimated advantage of first construction Estimated advantage including ??king expenses Estimated time of construction
Upper route 760,000 765,000   23,400 37,200 Upper exceeds somewhat   250 2500 500 50 190 971,906   167,145 6 mos.
Lower  " 601,000 560,000 2680   26000 560   2000 400 42 1/2 195 1/2 824,761 146,145     "