NA, ENG 3/28/1863

Engineer Bureau
March 28th '63
Endorsement on letter of Col. W. A. Wadley dated March 12th in relation to the supply of iron on the Montgomery & West Point RRd.
   "Respy retd to the Hon. Secy of War; From the best information before the Bureau, I am of the opinion that the iron from the Florida & Alabama RRd {Alabama & Florida (of Florida)}, about 15 miles, can be spared with as little injury to the public interests as from any other road & ought to be taken for the Montgomery & West Point RRd, unless its removal would defeat an important military operation, or operations that may be contemplated by Maj. Genl. J. B. Buckner Comdg at Mobile. The 5 miles should be taken from the "Perdido Branch {the Pensacola & Mobile RR}" for future use; but to wagon the iron 20 miles is a slow operation. When taken, the worn iron should be given in exchange, as the "Alabama Arms Co." will need a substitute. If the Fla. & Ala. Rail Road iron, cannot in the judgment of Genl Bruckner be taken, them I propose iron to be taken from 10 miles of the Cahaba & Marion {Cahaba, Marion & Greensboro RR}, or 22 {11?} miles toun & New Peine in Ala. Maj. Genl. Buckner can best decide as to which of the roads named can be dispensed with."
J. F. Gilmer
Col Engers & Chf of Bu