NA, ENG 11/3A/1863

Engineer Bureau
November 3rd 1863
Hon R Jamison Jr
Prest, NE & SW Ala RR Co  {President, Northeast & Southwest Alabama RR}
Tuscaloosa, Ala
   I take pleasure in informing you that your letter of the 15th ult was submitted to the Hon Sec of War by Col. Rives Actg Chf of this Bureau and that the Secretary declared that your statements in regard to the determination of the NE & SW RR Co not to leave any portion of their road in such a way or to such parties as might prejudice the interests of the Government was so satisfactory that he is not disposed to interfere with any arrangements which the Company may deem judicious.
By direction of Lt Col A. L. Rives Actg Chf Bureau
Thos R. Price
Asst Engr