NA, ENG 11/28/1862

Engineer Bureau
November 28th '62
Hon. Thas. A. Walker  {President, Alabama & Tennessee River RR}
Selma, Ala.
   A letter was written to you on the 11th inst. informing you of Captain L. P. Grant's appointment as Government Engineer of the R. Rs. from Blue Mountain Ala. to Rome Ga. & referring you to him in consequence.
   In a recent letter of yours to the Hon. Sec. of War you ask for information regarding the probability of the Confederate States being able to assist your Company in the matter of shovels, picks and other tools. These articles are scarce now that few comparatively being in the possession of the Govt.; it has however been suggested to me that the completion of the Selma & Meridian construction will liberate a large supply which may be available for the construction of the proposed link in which your company is interested. Capt. Grant, who will doubtless make full inquiries, has been written to on the subject and you are respectfully referred to him for information. Capt. Grant will also be able to furnish you at the earliest moment the intentions and expectations of the Government with regard to supplying the necessary iron.
Very Respectfully Yours
J. F. Gilmer
Colonel of Engrs. & Chf of Bureau