NA, ENG 11/19/1862

Engineer Bureau
November 19th, '62
Capt. L. P. Grant
Provl. Engr. Corps -- Atlanta, Geo.
   Your letter of the 13th inst. has been received, to which by Colonel Gilmer's direction I send you the following reply. Owing to General Randolph's resent resignation, and the consequent interruption to business in the War Department, no decision could be obtained to-day in regard to removing iron from unimportant roads. It is very desirable however to hear from you as soon as possible, a list of such roads as in your judgment, can be best despoiled to complete the proposed rail road construction. Personal security for the 9 1/2 miles from Blue Mountain to Jacksonville will be acceptable.
   As soon as a decision can be obtained from the War Department on the iron question, you shall be informed
Very Respectfully Yours
A. L. Rives
Major and Asst. to Chf Engr.