NA, DET 10/6B/1862

Hd. Qrs. Dept of East Tenn
Knoxville Oct 6th/62
Brig. Genl. A. C. Myers
Qr Mr Genl C. S. A.
Richmond Va
   The President of the Memphis & Charleston Rail Road (Col Tate) has applied to me to know if I will contract for the rebuilding of the bridge at Decatur, and two other short bridges burned between Stevenson & Decatur.
I have replied to him to contract for the rebuilding of the two short bridges but to defer action on the Decatur Bridge until I could refer the question to you. Will you please communicate with me on the subject with as little delay as possible.
Very Respectfully
Yr. obt. Svt
Saml. Jones
Maj Genl Comdg