NA, DAMEL 7/30/1864

July 30, 1864
Hon J. A. Seddon
Richmond Va
   From Montgomery to Union Springs is 39 miles now working from Uniontown to Newbern {North Western RR of Alabama} about 10 miles {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR} Road now working from Marion due south to Selma & Demopolis {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR}, road about 10 miles. These were neighborhood roads laid with "T" iron. Road from Talladega toward Blue Mountain about 30 miles in working order {Alabama & Tennessee River RR}. There are nearly 20 miles flat rail removed by enemy from the road between Montgomery & Opelika {Montgomery & West Point RR} which may be straightened & rendered serviceable. The road from Montgomery to Columbus {Montgomery & West Point RR} may be put in running order in 60 days by the labor of 3000 negroes.
D. H. Maury
Sent by telegram
{The telegram does not exactly make sense in some places -- some punctuation is missing and the right edge of the paper is missing}