NA, DAMELA 9/26/1864

Hd Qrs Dept Ala Miss & E. La.
Selma Ala Sept 26th 1864
F S Blount Esq
Chf. Agent for Impressments
Mobile Ala
   I am directed by Lieut Genl Taylor to inform you that the work on Bridge at McDowells Bluff and on RR thence to Demopolis {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR} is no longer a matter of Contract but is wholly under control of the Government, and therefore, labor and material can properly and legally be impressed to insure its speedy completion. The R. R. connection dependent upon its completion is of the first importance to our cause and you will proceed immediately to impress in the neighboring counties such labor and material as Lt Col Meriwether, who is in charge of the work, may call upon you or your agents for.
   Governor Watts has agreed to exempt militia duty any citizen who will promptly furnish (25) twenty five hands, and oversee them in person. Should you or your agents experience any difficulty in getting the requisite number of hands you will advise Lieut Genl Taylor of the fact and he will send a sufficient armed force to enforce the inmpressments.
   You will furnish your sub agents in the counties continuous to the work above alluded to with a copy of this letter and will see that no delay is occasioned by lack of efficiency and promptness upon their part.
I am Sir
Very respectfully your obt Servt
W. F. Bullock Jr  A. A. G.
(Copy to Lt Col Minor Meriwether)