NA, DAMELA 8/13/1864

Hd Qrs Dept Ala Miss & E. La.
Mobile August 13th 1864
Mr Jas L Price
Presdt Ala & Tenn R Rd  {Price was President of the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR}
Uniontown Ala
My Dear Sir,
   I am in receipt of your letter of Aug 11th and thank you for your cooperation and desire to promote the public welfare which you have so properly expressed.
   I am glad to inform you that the public necessity does not now require the removal {of the iron?} from the Uniontown and Greensboro Road {probably means the Uniontown to New Bern road, the North Western RR of Alabama}.
   Please accept my assurance that it will not be i??d with, except in case of an emergency or absolute necessity.
Very Respy
Your Obdt Sevt
Dabney H Maury
Maj Genl Comdg