NA, DAMELA 7/29A/1864

Hd Qrs Dept Ala Miss & E. La.
Montgomery, Ala., July 29th 1864
Jas. Price
Prest Uniontown & Newbern R. Rd.  {North Western RR of Alabama}
Dear Sir,
   On account of the absolute necessity for the immediate repair of the road between here and Opelika, it may become my duty to call on you for the transfer of the iron from your road between Uniontown & Newbern.
   Nothing but an inevitable necessity of the public safety will justify such a measure as the taking up of your road, but I am sure you will perceive the justice of it, in this case, and hope you will not assume that nothing will be omitted in executing the duty which will receive the just rights of all concerned.
I m Sir very respectfully
Dabney H. Maury
Major Genl Comdg