NA, DAMELA 6/15A/1864

Hd Qrs Dept Ala Miss & E. La.
Meridian Miss June 15th 1864
James L. Price
Prest. Ala. & Miss R. R. R.
Uniontown, Ala.
   Maj. Genl. Lee having yesterday returned from N. Miss is to day in receipt of your communication of the 7th inst. relative to the impressment of plantation mules belonging to gentlemen who hold contracts for the supply of wood to the Ala. & Miss. R. R. R. Genl. Lee has directed me to reply to said communication and has instructed me to say, that it is absolutely necessary that the transportation of the Army be maintained and in some cases increased and, as the rich country along the line of your R. R. has suffered in a comparatively small degree, orders have been issued for the impressment of the requisite number of animals in that region, of course nothing can be further from the intention of the General than to issue orders which may throw obstacles in the way of the R. R. authorities, or which may in any manner be the means of impairing the efficiency of their road, and the General will therefore issue exemptions for those mules necessary for the fulfillment of the various contracts.
   Your letter is rather too general, however, for the General to act upon it, and he requests, that you will be so good as to furnish him with a specific and particular list of the names of the contractors, and the number of mules necessary for them to fulfill their contracts in order that he may issue the necessary exemptions in their favor.
I am Sir
Very Respectfully
Your odt servty
E. M. Underhill  1st Lt Cav.