NA, DAMELA 6/13/1864

Hd Qrs Dept Ala Miss & E. La.
Meridian Miss June 13th 1864
M. B. Pritchard Esq
Sup M&A RR  {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR}
   Herewith I have the honor to enclose the extension of the detail of prvt H. Fisher.
   The Maj. Genl Comdg directs me to call your attention to Par V G. O. #26 A&I G. O. 1 March 1864 (copy enclosed), and requests that your report be full and complete as to the number of men (soldiers and exempts) in your employ, their company, Regt, by whose order detailed, and whether as excperts from Surg's certificate of Disability.
   Until the report called for on the above order is received, no further details can be granted.
Very respy
Your obt sevt
P. E. Jr
A. A. G.