NA, DAMELA 12/12/1864

Hd Qrs Dept Ala Miss & E. La.
Mobile Ala December 12th 1864
Major J. W. Young
Chief Qr Master
Meridian Miss
   I have the honor to hand you copy of a telegram from Gov Watts relative to the shipment of salt to North Ala. Mr Fleming Genl Supt of the Mobile & Ohio Rl Rd has been notified that this salt must have precedence next to the necessary supplies for troops and the Lieut Genl Comdg directs that you will give similar instructions to the Supt of the Ala & Miss River R. R. reporting the fact to Maj. Genl Duff Green and to Captain Pickens Selma.
I am Major,
Your obt sevt
A. J. Watt
A. A. Genl.
Montgomery 5th December 1864
General Maury
   Please to order railroad to furnish transportation for salt to North Western counties, these counties have had no salt for two years. Please send order to Genl Green & also to Capt J. A. Pickens, at Selma.
T. H. Watts
Gov of Ala