NA, DAMELA 11/19A/1864

Hd Qrs Dept Ala Miss & E. La.
Meridian, Miss. Nov. 19, 1864
   L. J. Fleming, Esq., General Supt. of the Mobile & Ohio R. R. is authorized to call upon the A. A. Genl. at Hd. Qrs of Dept. Ala. Miss. & E. La. at any time for any details he may require for his road, or for any supplies which Dept. Comdr. is authorized to furnish under existing laws and orders. He is also authorized to send his agent to the federal prisons in this Dept. and secure the services of such federal mechanics as he may find therein. Said mechanic to be released from prison upon their parole and to be paid the ordinary wages paid in the Dept. This authority to be peremptory in absence of Dept. Commander until further orders.
By Command of Lieut. Genl. Taylor
W. F. Bullock, Jr.
A. A. G.