NA, CSN 7/6/1864

Selma Cannon Foundry, July 6, 1864
Chief Engineer J. H. Warner, C. S. Navy
Columbus, Ga.
Dear Sir,
   In shipping a gun it came in contact with a locomotive {of the Alabama & Tennessee River RR}, injuring it badly. As the accident occurred through the carelessness of our people, we will have to repair it, which we wish to have done as soon as possible, not only because they charge us with the time lost, but also that the interests of the Government are suffering for want of the engine. We, however, have not the necessary material and I write to ascertain if you can furnish it. There is wanted
1 flue sheet, 48 inches in diameter, 7/16 or 1/2 inch thick
2 pieces of boiler plate, 1, 10/16 thick, 24 by 18, the other 5/16 thick, 24 by 12
1 piece copper for steam pipe, 22 by 13, No. 8 or 10 wire gauge
4 sheets copper No. 14 for tubes
   I have telegraphed to Richmond for the flue sheet, and if I obtain it will send it to you if you desire it, should you send one to us to avoid delay. Please send what you can.
   For our own use we want some copper rods (bars) for rivets for belting. Can you furnish that? If so, you will much oblige us.
Your obedient servant,
Catesby ap R. Jones