NA, CSN 7/2/1864

Selma Cannon Foundry, July 2, 1864
Mr. Wm. Rothrock
General Superintendent, A&T Railroad  {Alabama & Tennessee River RR}
   I have just received your letter of yesterday, proposing that the cannon foundry "should repair the damages done by the accident to the engine Industry, and furnish the necessary material for the same; and also pay for the time which shall be lost by the engine in consequence of the accident, at the same rate which the Government charges the railroad company for the use of the engine Giles." In reply to your request to be informed whether I agree to your proposition, I would state that I am not authorized to act in the matter without the sanction of the Navy Department. I will, however, knowing how much the engine is needed, give such assistance in material and in repairing as is in our power. Please inform me of the amount of damage and material required.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
Catesby ap R. Jones