NA, CSN 7/1/1863

U. S. Naval Station, Savannah, Georgia
C. S. Navy Department
To the Central {(of Georgia)} Rail Road Co
Appropriation for Coal for steamers  1863
July 1 For freight on 1 car load of coal to Savannah    
  13,400 lbs @ $6.50 pr ton 43 55
    $43 55
   The Service above charged for was necessary and duly authorized, and has been satisfactorily performed. The coal received according to Rail road weights
Jas ? Godfry N. S. K.
   C. S. Naval Station Savannah August 28 1863. Approved for the sum of Forty three dollars and fifty five cents, ordered to be paid by Paymaster W. W. J. Kelly, C. S. Navy.
I Tattnall, Commanding Naval Station
   Received Savannah, September 1st 1863, from W. W. J. Kelly, Paymaster C. S. N. and Acting Navy Agent, the sum of forty three dollars and fifty five cents, in full of the above Bill, and have signed triplicate receipts.
James A. Courvoisie  {Treasurer}