NA, CSN 3/3/1865

Selma Cannon Foundry
March 3rd 1865
Major Young CSA
Chief Qr Mr
   We are commanded to take down the machinery for which we have not immediate use. I propose to send it to the Naval Iron Works at Columbus Geo. The machinery with such stores as can be dispensed with now could be transported in twenty cars.
   We also have valuable machinery which is in constant requisition. That should be moved if possible in case the place is seriously threatened. I suppose twenty five cars would transport it.
   To remove the whole establishment, it would require one hundred cars in addition to the above and notice of al least a fortnight should be given me.
I am Major
Very respy
Your obt svt
Catesby ap R. Jones
{Travel from Selma to Montgomery would have to be by a river steamer. The next leg would have been on the Montgomery & West Point RR to Columbus.}