NA, CSN 3/12/1864

Confederate States Navy Department
Per Construction Iron Clad Vessels
To Alabama & Tenn River RR Co


Dollars Cents
March 12th For transportation in months of Sept October and November on    
  7 Cars Lumber       $25.50 $178 50
  2     "   Wood           24.00 48 00
    $226 50
   I certify the above bill to be correct in all its particulars.
Albert P. Halse  Clk in chg
   Selma March 12 1864. Approved for Two hundred and twenty six Dollars and Fifty cents, and ordered to be paid by Geo H Oneal Asst Paymaster C. S. Navy.
Ebron Hamand
Captain in charge
   Received Selma March 12 1864 from Geo H Oneal asst Paymaster C. S. Navy, the sum of Two hundred and twenty six Dollars and Fifty cents in full of the above bill, and have signed triplicate receipts.
L L??
Chf Clerk A&RRRRd