NA, CSN 3/1/1864

Savannah Mar 1st 1864
Confederate States Navy Depart.
To E. C. Wade
For expenses attending transportation of engines from Station No 8 G. R. R. to Savannah
To Car on G. R. R. {Atlantic & Gulf RR} from Savannah to Station No 8 & return $13.50
  "  Freight on truck tools & spikes 32.   
For expenses attending transportation of 2nd engine from Station No 12 on G. R. R.
To Car to Station 12 G. R. R. & return to Savannah 21.00
  "     "  of 6 workmen to Station 12 & return to Savannah 40.   
  "  Cash paid for telegram to Wilmington 4.   
   I certify the above amounts to were actually paid by me for the purposes specified, that I did not obtain transportation for any part of the work charged and that it was impracticable to obtain bill for the same.
E. C. Wade
   We certify this bill for one hundred and ten dolls & fifty cts to be correct and hereby approve the same for payment by Paymaster J. W. Nixon.
A & N Tift
Agts N. Dept
   Received Atlanta March 23 1864 of Paymaster John W. Nixon the sum of one hundred & ten dolls and fifty cts in payment of the above account
E. C. Wade