NA, CSN 11/28A/1862

U. S. Naval Station -- Savannah, Georgia
C. S. Navy Department
For iron clad steamers
To the Central {(of Georgia)} Rail Road Co
Appropriation for Construction of iron clad steam gun boats  1862
For transportation as follows viz:
Nov 11 15 boxes & 28 pieces Machinery from Columbus 123 26
        14 10 car loads iron  158,224 lbs from Atlanta 717 48
        15 797 bars         "       16,026  "       "   Etowah 60 90
        22 12 car loads & 99 bars iron & lot of Bolts from Atlanta  235,221 lbs 974 89
        27 4 Boxes Machinery from Columbus 8 17
       28 31 car loads & 790 bars iron 510,134 lbs from Atlanta & Etowah 1,938 49
    #3,823 19
The above mentioned iron & bolts received for the construction of iron clad gun boats H F Willink Jr
   I Certify the above Bill to be correct in all its particulars.
Wm W L Neely CSN
Approved for the sum of Three thousand eight hundred & twenty three Dollars and nineteen Cents, ordered to be paid by Paymaster W. W. J. Kelly C. S. Navy
Isaiah Tattnell
Flag officer Commanding Naval Station
   Received Savannah, December 30th 1862, from W. W. J. Kelly, Paymaster C. S. N. and Acting Navy Agent, the sum of three thousand eight hundred twenty three dollars and nineteen Cents, in full of the above Bill, and have signed triplicate receipts.
James A. Courvoisie  {Treasurer}