NA, CSN 11/19/1863

Confederate States Navy Department
Per Appn for Construction of Iron Clad Steamers
To Mobile & Girard Rail Road
1863 For freights on Lumber from T. J. Peares Mills on the Rail Road to Girard Ala    
Oct 6 on 1 Car Load Lumber $31 00
Nov 9 on 1/2 "      "        "           $31 15 50
      19 on 1    "      "        " 31 00
    $77 50
   I certify that the articles enumerated in the above account have been received, and the services performed, and that the prices charged are just and reasonable.
Approved J W. Warren
Chf En CSN
   Received Columbus Georgia January 22 1864 of Paymaster J. W. Nixon Confederate States Navy, the sum of Seventy seven Dollars and fifty Cents, in payment of the above.
L. G. Schnessler Agt
Mobile & G RR