NA, CSN 10/7/1862

Confederate States Navy Department
To Western & Atlantic RR
Office of Naval Laboratory, Atlanta, Appropriation for Ordnance
$   $  
Oct 7 To freight from Etowah    
  on 75 bars iron  4940 lb 5 15
  on 545  "      "    11504 21 38
    $26 53
Atlanta Novr 12th 1862. Received the above articles for
W A Robbins Supt
Office of C S N Laboratory
Atlanta Novr 12th 1862
   Approved for Twenty Six Dollars and Fifty three Cents.
D P McCorkle
Lieutenant in Charge
   Atlanta Geo November 12th 1862. Received of Johnson McPheison Pay Master Twenty Six Dollars, fifty three Cents, in full of the above bill, and have singed triplicate receipts.
James Hogue Agt