NA, CSN 10/31/1864

Confederate States Navy Department
To Ala & Tenn RRR   {Alabama & Tennessee Rivers RR}
Office of Ord & Hyd Appropriation for
1864   Dolls Cts
  For freight in July Aug Sept & Oct on the following    
  Lumber  50,480 ft   {about 13 car loads} 740 97
  Wood  379 58/ Cords  {about 76 car loads} 2,426 48
  Coal  359,970 lbs   {about 23 car loads} 2,000 00
  Blooms  600     " 4 00
    5,171 45
Selma, Ala. Nov 3rd 1864
   I certify that the above account is correct and the articles received.
W Ickes
Asts Supt
Selma, Ala., Nov 3rd 1864
   Approved for Fifty one hundred & seventy one Dollars and forty five cents.
Catesby ap R Jones   Commandant
   Received, Selma, Ala., Novr 5 1864, of S. B. Reaedon Asst Paymaster C. S. N. Fifty one hundred & Seventy one Dollars and forty fives cents in full of the above bill, and have signed triplicate receipts.
A. M. Goodwin  Treas