NA, CSN 10/16/1862

U. S. Naval Station -- Savannah, Georgia
C. S. Navy Department
For Station
To the Central {(of Georgia)} Rail Road Co
Appropriation for Contingent enumerated  1862
For transportation of the following articles as pr vouchers, viz:
Sept 29 1 Pulley from Columbus 1 94
Octo 6 50 bars Iron " Etowah  20,000 lbs @ 38c pr 100 lbs 7 60
       10 2 Engines, Boilers &c from Augusta 14,500 lbs 37 70
       16 730 bars iron                   "  Etowah  12,372   " 47 00
  Iron pipe, shovels, scrapers &c Augusta 4 18
    98 42
The above mentioned iron was received for the construction of iron clad gun boat. H. F. Willink Jr
   I Certify the above Bill to be correct in all its particulars.
Wm W L Neely CSN
Approved for the sum of Ninety eight Dollars and forty two Cents, ordered to be paid by Paymaster W. W. J. Kelly C. S. Navy
Isaiah Tattnell
Flag officer Commanding Naval Station
   Received Savannah, November 20th 1862, from W. W. J. Kelly, Paymaster C. S. N. and Acting Navy Agent, the sum of Ninety eight dollars and forty two Cents, in full of the above Bill, and have signed triplicate receipts.
James A. Courvoisie  {Treasurer}