NA, CSN 1/29/1863

U. S. Naval Station -- Savannah, Georgia
C. S. Navy Department
For Iron clad gun boats
To the Central {(of Georgia)} Rail Road Co
Appropriation for iron clad gun boats  1863
For freight on the following articles viz:
Januy 20 6 pieces castings                                   from Columbus 7 30
         22 1 Propeller, 1 Box, 1 Shaft & coupling    "           " 39 33
        28 2 boxes castings to Richmond   78
       29 743 Bolts, 8 boxes Nuts & 463 spikes from Atlanta 25 40
    $72 81
The above mentioned articles received (castings, Propeller, shaft &c) for construction of iron clad gun boats.
J N Quinn
Engr CSN
The above mentioned bolts, nuts & spikes received for construction of iron clad gun boats.
H. F. Wink Jr
   I Certify the above Bill to be correct in all its particulars.
Wm W L Neely CSN
Approved for the sum of Seventy two Dollars and eighty one Cents, ordered to be paid by Paymaster W. W. J. Kelly C. S. Navy
Isaiah Tattnell
Commanding Naval Station
   Received Savannah, March 7th 1863, from W. W. J. Kelly, Paymaster C. S. N. and Acting Navy Agent, the sum of Seventy two dollars and eighty one Cents, in full of the above Bill, and have signed triplicate receipts.
James A. Courvoisie  {Treasurer}