NA, CSN 1/25/1862

Ordnance Department
Navy Yard, Gosport, Va.
Jan. 25th 1862
   There is required transportation from Portsmouth to Mobile, via Charlotte N. C., for the following articles, consigned to Lieut. Jas. D. Johnson, C. S. N.: viz:
2 Pivot Carriages
8 Boxes Iron Work
16 Pieces Deck Circle
Also for Francis Underhill in charge of the above to Mobile & back.
Respectfully &c
A. B. Fairfax
Commdr Inspn Ordn
? ? ?
? Forrest
Flag Officer & Com'dt
{File with the same document}
By the Norfolk & Petersburg Rail Road Company's
Telegraph Line
Dates Richmond Jan 24
Received, Norfolk,
Send gun carriages and equipments to Mobile by mail train as requested by Commodore Forrest.
A C Myers
Q M Genl