NA, CM&G 4/30A/1862

Confederate States of America

Quartermaster General's Department

Montgomery, Ala., Apl 30 1862
To the General Superintendent of the Ala & Miss R Railroad
   Be pleased to provide transportation for J G Miner with 264 Tons Rail and other Iron and 7 1/4 Tons Bolts & Nuts from Marion to Selma {Selma lined out} Cahaba
J L Cathurn
W Asst quartermaster

   Read these conditions. -- If this Requisition is for Passage Tickets only, it must be presented to the Ticket Seller at his Ticket Window a short time before the departure of the train I, however, this Requisition calls for transportation of Boxes of Clothing, Stores, &., the Goods must be brought to the Depot and the Requisition presented to the Superintendent, at least Three Hours before the departure of the train. Unless this requirement is filled, the goods will not be transported.


{on the back of the document}
Ala & Miss R. R Co will recognize Mr L. H. B. Scott as the agent of the Navy Dept having charge the within Transportation
L. G. Miner
Asst N. D. C. S. A.