NA, A&MR 6/XX/1862

Confederate States
To William McAbee
Date of Purchase   Dollars Cents
June 1862 To the hire of 1 negro cook, a stove & cooking utensils for use of Laborers on the construction of Bridge across Tombigbee River Miss {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR}    
  17 days at $ 3.00 per day $ 51 00
  I certify the above was in accordance with a verbal contract made by Captain S. H. Lockett, Engrs, C. S. A. there being no cooking utensils obtainable.    
  Wm McAbee $ 51 00
   I certify that the above account is correct and just; the articles are to be (or have been) accounted for on my property return for the                  quarter ending on the               day of                  186 .
J M Wampler Capt. Engineers
   Received at Tupelo, Miss the 10th of July 1862 of Col. Jno.??am, Chf Engineer, Army of Mississippi, Fifty-one dollars and --- cents, in full of the above account.
Wm McAbee