NA, A&MR 2/15/1863

Selma Feb 15/63
To Col A. C. Myers
Qr Master General
Dear Sir,
   Mr S H Richardson who has been acting as Commissary to Col. Saml Tait in constructing the Rail Road from Demopolis to Meridian {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR} is now out of employment, and desires a situation of Ast Qr Master. If you have any new appointments to make, I have no hesitation in saying that you cannot find a better man than Mr Richardson he is is well qualified and honest. I have known him for many years and fully endorse him in both respects. If you have any appointments beyond the Mississippi Mr Richardson would like to go there. If you give Mr Richardson an appointment you will not only get a competent officer, but you will greatly oblige
Your friend
C. McRae