NA, A&F 4/8/1863

President's Office
Alabama and Florida Railroad Company of Alabama
Montgomery, Ala.
April 8th, 1863
Care W. Preston Johnston
Dear Sir,
   In answer to your note of enquiry whether the Rail Roads terminating in Montgomery could connect their tracks. I have to state that in November 1861, I  addressed the Quarter Master General in Richmond regarding the importance of making the connection and offered to do so if our estimate of $51,000 would be made by the Govt. I could then have made the connection at a cost of $100,000 now it could not be made for less than $150000.
   If my proposition had been accepted, it would have saved to the Govt not less than one hundred thousand dollars, up to the present time.
   If required now to make the connection, I will at once commence the work and use every effort to complete it, within the shortest possible time. The grading however is very heavy, and the route of the Road is such that only an ??? force could work to advantage.
   The only terms on which I would now agree to make the connection are that the Govt should furnish me the Iron Spikes & Plates at the same prices I could have purchased when I offered to do the work and advance the Company Fifty thousand Dollars and only with this advance & the cost of the Iron &c to allow the company such sums as the entire work may now cost over and above what it would have cost in January 1862.
   When I proposed to do the work, this ??? of costs to be estimation by Col. W W Wadley, or any other agents of the Govt. and the Business of the advanced cost of Iron &c to be paid back to the Govt in one year after the completion of the connection.
   As the Govt is now the only party to be benefited by the proposed work, for ??? the whole of the freight drawn from the depot of our Road to the others, is for the Govt. the proportion is a reasonable one, and ???, the only one that would do justice to our stockholders.
I am very resply
Yr. ob s
Charles T. Pollard