NA, A&F 2/3/1863

Meridian & Selma RRd office

Demopolis Ala Feby 3rd 1863
  I certify that the Iron seized by me by order of Genl Braxton Bragg on the 12th day of July 1862 belonging to the Alabama & Florida Rail Road of Florida then lying at Pollard Alabama fm which I gave said company a certificate dated Dec 3rd 1862 was for the purpose of completing the Ala & Miss Rivers Rail Road, and the North East & South West Ala RR, the two comprising the link between Meridian & Selma and was seized by Genl Bragg's order as a military necessity to complete said Road for use of the Confederate States Government.
   For the number of Rails, weight, price & reference is here made to said original account current & certificate dated 3rd December 1862, to which this is an appendage.
Sam Tate
Milt Supt
Meridian & Selma Rail Road