NA, A&F 10/22/1864

Greenville, Oct 22/64
Dr R Potts
Dr Sir,
   Heard Saml G Jones & Mr Teak Supt & Assistant Supt {Alabama & Florida (of Alabama) RR} is in our town today.  & I made an arrangement with Mr Teak to take the mill on his cross tie train on its way up on next Tuesday Mr Teak says he will be on the train up & he will reserve car room for the mill provided we have hands enough to load it on in two hours Can you not obtain a few hands & send them down by Monday as by so doing we can remove the mill in two hours on the cars & thus save the Expense & delay of removing it to a switch. I will try & obtain all the hands I can. Do send Mr R. P Daniel down to help. Telegraph me if I may Expect hands down.
Truly &c
H. S. Abrams
{Greenville was a station on the Alabama & Florida (of Alabama) RR}