NA, A&F 10/15/1864

Greenville, Oct 15/64
Dr R Potts
Dr Sir,
   I write to ask you to make an arrangement with Col Saml G. Jones Supt of the R. Rd. {Alabama & Florida (of Alabama) RR} to have a train at Browns Lumber to take all of the Mill, we will have it all ready early next week. I shall notify you a day or two before we get ready for the train. I Sent enough hands down to take the Mill to ps & remove it by next Tuesday they are to Notify Me when they have all the Mill at the RRd it is Very important to have the train when we are ready as I have hired the Negroes who are down there & they must have the train in order load before they leave. I will Notify you when ready for the train. be Sure & make arrangements for the train.
   I have a few Turkeys on hand for you will send them. in Haste
Truly Yours
H. S. Abrams