MA, M&O 1/15/1861

Executive Office

Jackson, Miss., Jan. 15th, 1861
Gentlemen of the Senate and House of Representatives
   Regarding it certain that the Convention which is now in session, would dissolve the connection between the State of Mississippi and the United States, and make many and important changes in the organic law of the State, thus rendering much ordinary legislation necessary to harmonise the statute law with the amended Constitution, and to provide for the wants of the State in the new relation she may assume, I have convened the Legislature in extraordinary session.
   The Mobile & Ohio Railroad Company have tendered me the free use of their Road for the transportation of troops and munitions of war whenever the State may require it, placing at the disposal of the Governor of the State extra trains, when required, free of charge. The Mississippi Central Railroad Company, through their President, W. Goodman, has tendered the services of all men now employed on that Road in case of invasion, and the use of the Road for transportation on favorable terms, to be arranged hereafter.
J. Pettis  {Governor}