LVA, TRED 9/25/1861

Sept 25/61

R. B. Lewis Esq. Ch Engr &c   {Chief Engineer, Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR}
Selma Ala
Dear Sir,
   Your 28 inch wheels cast ??? are ready and we expect to ship them as soon as we can get cars to take them. We can do but little with chilled tires until we Complete our New Foundry which we are building. We can then do all that our friends may require. Dr. Griffin your President was in our office today. He thinks you may require some fish bars & bolts. If so we will try to supply them to you although we are overwhelmed with Government Work. But we fear we cannot take the terms of payment proposed by the Dr. We would take Confederate Bonds, if the Company can not raise the cash.
J. R. Anderson & Co