LVA, TRED 5/21A/1861

May 21/61


M. G. Dobbins Engr
Prest Griffin ? N. Al RRdCo   {G. G. Griffin was President of the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR}
Griffin Georgia
Dear Sir,
   We have yours 18th Inst and in reply offer to supply you the chairs & spikes you enquire for delivered at the penions specified at Four Cents for the spikes & Five Cents per pound for the chairs, delivered at the Rail Road Depot here. We send you one of our Circulars. On Page 18 you will see the kind of chairs we manufacture.
   Materials are advancing very rapidly, and if this abominable Yankee Blockade is continued we hardly know where it will stop. But we hold ourselves to this offer till return mail.
We can supply you Bridge Bolts, Wheels & only bar iron &c.
Very Truly
J. R. Anderson & Co