LVA, TRED 5/13/1861

May 13/61

Col. W. D. Dunn Prest   {President, Mobile & Great Northern RR}
Mobile Ala.
Dear Sir,
   We have your much valued favor of 4/7 Inst. & much regret the severe disappointments you are encountering in the construction of your Road & in all human probability these ??? things must continue for a long time.
   The Untra Car Factory ??? Va. who we have been much pleased to ??? your cars has been converted into an enterprise making implements of War, and this is also true of all the Works in the State and it is impossible to have any thing else manufactured. Your work had been commenced and would have been ready by the time for shipment, but at present it is impossible to complete it; but we know that whenever we are permitted again to resume operations your Company will take a liberal view of the question & doubtless permit us to ship it unless otherwise notified. The writer was advised that there was a considerable quantity of Rails in New Orleans for sale when he was there but these are doubtless sold entirely. There are some 700 tons here for sale, but there will not have R. Road transportation so that it is difficult to say how you are to be supplied with them. 
Very Truly
J. R. Anderson & Co.